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Carole Cotten Fashion Stylist
Carole Cotten
102 E. Northview
Phoenix, AZ 85020
917-691-7141 Business

Carole Cotten Stylist

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R. Paul Garnica Display
Ronald Garnica
5947 E. Thunderbird Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
602-625-3062 Cell

I offer over 30 years of experience in a diverse range of projects and clients in styling and art direction for the Photography and film industries. My sense of sophisticated style, creativity and business attitude has given me the longevity to stay in the business with repeated and happy clients.

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MHS Styling
Melanie Hebron Sutton
Phoenix, AZ
520-907-3712 Business
520-299-7435 Fax

20+ yrs. exp. wardrobe and prop. Commercial, video, print & editorial. Scout and event production. Clients include: Adidas, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Weight Watchers, Men’s Journal, People Inc. Magazine, AZ Federal Credit Union, Hotel Valley Ho Resort & Spa and more.

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Jennifer O'Bannon Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist
Jennifer O'Bannon
11107 E. Palomino Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
480-329-1256 Business
480-329-1256 Cell

Jennifer O’Bannon has over 25 years experience as a Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Phoenix. She has vast experience in print, film, television, video, and commercial. With a degree in fashion she is well studied in the history of fashion as well as costuming. Clients and experience can be found at

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