2018 LFNO Short Selection Details

APA is pleased to feature 10 Short Films at the 2018 “Ladies ‘Film’ Night Out” event on Friday, November 16, at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts! Here's some info on the shorts and the women who helped make them! APA Members' names appear in BOLD.

Ladies 'Film' Night Out is sponsored by Reel Men; DYNAMIC! Productions; Dani's Agency, Verve Studios and Broadcast Rentals!

“Between the Lines” – Elizabeth Grace

After matching online, Emily and Cash take their digital attraction to the real world. Their impeccably crafted messages lose their appeal when said aloud offline, especially when they guard the truth. Confronted with this reality, Emily and Cash choose to stop hiding behind their words and share their true thoughts and selves.

Ladies Involved in the Production:

Elizabeth Grace, Producer
Laura Munsil, Production Design
Misty Wilson, Editor
Nichole Kizer, Colorist
Lillian Fogel, Key Make-up / Hair
Sara Nevels, Unit Stills Photography
Paige Edinson, Electrician

Other APA Members Involved:  Kieran Thompson, Director/Writer; Mic Waugh, Director of Photography; Jarrod Wilson, Gaffer.

“Fire & Water: Restoring Arizona's Forests” – Kristin Atwell

Wildfires in the West are getting bigger and hotter and often burn out of control for weeks at a time. Large-scale fires threaten the forest itself and all the things we depend on the forest to provide. *Fire & Water: Restoring Arizona’s Forests* details how Arizona is bridging long-standing divides to unite federal land managers, environmentalists and the timber industry to restore our public lands and protect our water supply.

Ladies involved in the production:

Kristin Atwell Ford, Producer / Writer
Rebecca Davidson, Producer
Kelly Barr, Executive Producer
Pam Good, Executive Producer
Nichole Kizer - Colorist

Other APA Members Involved: James Bustamante, Director of Photography; Robert Pflumm, Gimbal Operator; Mike Hall, Lighting

“The Secret Lives of Teachers” – Judith Eisenberg

A romantic story about two eccentric teachers who find love and each other through a shared passion for a very unique hobby.

Ladies involved in the production:

Judith Eisenberg, Co-Producer / Writer
Michele Allen, Producer
Laura Weiss Ross, Editor
KC Gardiner-Johnson, Producer / Assistant Director
Barbara Gresser, Key Grip
April Walterscheid, Script Supervisor
Kelley Lester, Costume Designer / Seamstress for the Mary Todd Lincoln dress

“Wish, Inc.” – Diane Dresback

Hope believes she has found her dream job working for Wish Incorporated. A company that grants wishes made by thousands of people as they toss coins into fountains. However, Hope soon finds out that the job is not as she had expected. Now she must decide if and how she can still make a difference in the granting of wishes.

Ladies involved in the production:

Diane Dresback – Director / Writer
Stephanie Mello - Writer

“Body Love” – Linette Shorr

The short was created as a pitch for a television series with Tucson photographer Jade Beall. The project has evolved from one of body empowerment stories to stories of peoples lives and experiences. The series is not just about a photograph, but the photo is the end result of a journey of that person's life and experience. We will follow those first-person stories, ending with a photo session that represents whatever within that person helped them get through their trauma.

Ladies involved in the production:

Linette Shorr – Producer / Director
Jade Beall - Photographer

“Mr. Memento” – Misty Wilson

An aging photography collector obsessed with death receives the final piece to his collection.

Ladies involved in the production:

Misty Wilson, Editor / VFX Artist
Laura Munsil, Production Design
Aeni Domme, Special Effects Makeup
Jenny Robers, DIT
Sara Nevels, Set Photgrapher
Amber Ray, Costume Asst.

Other APA Members Involved:  Kieran Thompson, Producer; Alexander Miller, Gaffer

“Cosplay vs. the World” – Vic Rincon & Katie Owens

Cosplay is an ever-growing sub culture where people express their passion for pop culture. But why? In this series we explore the people behind the costumes and find out why they do what they do, and what other personal hobbies and life skills they integrate into their love of this intensely creative craft.

Ladies Involved in the production:
Vic Rincon, Director / Editor / Director of Photography
Katie Owens, Director / Editor

“Cargo” – Cassandra Nicholson

Synopsis: In a slow-burn "he said/she said" interrogation, two detectives seek the truth behind a violent crime syndicate.

Ladies involved in the production:

Cassandra Nicholson, Writer
Katie Owens, Assistant Director / Script Supervisor / Assistant Editor
Shannon Dia, Location Assistant

“Escape Claws” – Lisette Perez

A young girl tries to befriend a cat whom she begs to rescue her from her captor.

Ladies involved in the production:

Lisette Perez
Katie Hopp, Assistant Camera

“A Blind Date” – Angelina Ramirez

A clueless workaholic goes on a blind date only to find herself making every mistake in the book.

Ladies involved in the production:

Angelina Ramirez, Writer / Producer
Megan Foley Marra, Director

Be sure to join us for this great event celebrating the work of female filmmakers! Tickets are only $25 for APA Members; $30 for Non-Members in advance; $35 at the door (hot and cold appetizer buffet, speaker presentation, shorts program, dessert, filmmaker Q&A and networking ALL included with your ticket)! 

This event usually sells out, so get your tickets now at: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3745675