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MP&E Cameras and Lighting
James Phillips
16585 N. 92nd St., Ste. 104
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
480-596-6699 Business
480-596-0004 Fax

Arri Alexa, Sony, Panasonic, Red, Digital Cinema, Canon, HDSLR, PL Mount Zeiss, Cooke, Angenieux lenses, Monitors, Decks, Tapeless, Mole, Kino-flo, K5600, JL Fisher, O'Connor, Sachtler, Sliders, Jibs, Grip Trucks and generators.

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Tempe Camera
Susan Smith
606 W. University Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85281
480-966-6954 Business
480-966-3723 Fax

For 50 years Tempe Camera has been offering sales, rentals, imaging and repair services. One of the largest rental houses in the Southwest offering photo, video, cine and grip equipment. In addition to a full line of Canon Pro gear including EOS and Cine bodies/lenses, our inventory also includes a wide range of strobe, HMI, and LED lighting.

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Michael Sly
Phoenix, AZ 85006
602-500-1590 Business
602-500-1590 Cell

Triangle Jimmy Jib/Steadicam Owner/Operator. Jib Operator, Steadicam Operator, Camera Operator. Experienced in: Commercials, Feature Film, Short Film, Documentary Film, Conference/Corporate Events, Live Broadcast/Multi-Cam, Live Concerts, Music Videos, Sports Shows, Reality Shows, Game Shows, TV Shows, Virtual Reality. Started in the industry in 2002.

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Birds Eye Productions, LLC
Josh Lambeth
Phoenix, AZ 85041
480-489-0998 Business

Birds Eye Production's offers select gear rentals to productions. We have a large list of specialty camera gear including the MoVI Pro, DJI Ronin 2, FlowCine BlackArm, remote camera car, 4 different drones (including heavy-lift drones), wireless FIZ, wireless HD video, monitors, ect. Contact us today for all your specialty camera movement gear!

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EAR Professional Audio Video
Ed Vogt
2641 E. McDowell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85008
602-267-0600 Business
800-473-6914 Other
602-275-3277 Fax

Panasonic, Sony, Newtek, AJA, Avid, 1,000s more. Professional audio and video products for broadcast, film & post production since 1978. Contact

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Dennis Scully
Dennis Murphy
1927 E. Cactus Wren Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85020
602-389-9880 Business
602-768-8008 Cell
602-389-9881 Fax

Camera support gear. Multiple Preston wireless focus systems (FIZ), Teradek wireless video kits, Director's monitors, SmallHD monitors. Ronin2, Block Batteries, AB / Gold mount batteries available. Camera Van Owner/Operator. DSPAZ / D Squared also offers digital still stock imagery as well as time lapse photography, BTS and production stills.

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HD Arizona
Alex Mitchell
170 S. Ash Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85281
602-561-0959 Business
602-254-3431 Fax

ARRI Mini LF, Sony FX9, Sony FX3, Freefly EMBER High Speed, MOVI Pro, EZ Rig Vario5+, PL/Sony/Canon Glass, GoPros, Sliders, Gimbals, ARRI Hi-5 Wireless FIZ, ARRI SXU-1, Teradek Bolt6 4K Wireless Video Systems, SmallHD/Flanders 5"-24", AKS, etc. Cine-style packages and accessories. Owner/Operator company since 2005. Package Pricing. COI Required.

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Jeff Becker
3902 E. Broadway Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85040
602-286-6800 Business
602-286-0080 Fax

Arizona's largest rental house with a full selection of custom camera packages. Canon, Red Epic and Dragon, Arri Alexa and Amira. Zeiss, Canon and Angenieux lenses. Full assortment of camera accessories. We also have camera trucks, lighting, grip, Fisher 10 dollies, sliders, jibs, and everything else you need for your next production.

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Monsoon Production Services
Justin Kreinbrink
210 W. 5th St., #5
Tucson, AZ 85705
520-623-3144 Business
520-437-0151 Fax

As Southern Arizona’s largest rental house, we offer a comprehensive range of camera packages and accessories to meet the diverse needs of any production. Including but not limited to, Arri Alexa, Red Cinema, Sony Canon, SmallHD, Teradek(RT), Cooke, Angenieux, and Zeiss.

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Marmera Films
Irin Daniels
602-518-7621 Business

Marmera Films, your premier production house specializing in delivering top-notch visuals. Equipped with a ARRI Alexa Mini LF, Sony FX6, Tokina Vista Prime Lenses. We offer comprehensive in-house editing for feature-length projects, high-end commercials, and talking-head videos. Trust in our expertise to craft your vision.

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