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Aattica Productions
Scott Kelston
4625 W. Park Pl.
Glendale, AZ 85306
480-239-0594 Business
480-239-0594 Cell

2nd Camera Assistant/Operator with years of experience in film, live events, commercials and music videos. I've worked with many high profile clients including Discovery, Amazon, Adidas, VRBO, Chevrolet, Devin Booker, Chris Paul, James Harden, Weezer, Dave Matthews Band, and Oura Ring.

Features / Episodic Commercials Print / Stills Theater Sports Corporate / Live

Phuc Tran
Phuc Tran
625 S. Westwood, Unit 184
Mesa, AZ 85210
928-271-1356 Business

1st AC. Experienced focus puller. Proficient in Arri, Panavision, Sony, and RED. Digital Data Fluent. Many years of commercial and narrative work experience. Gear owner; Teradek RT Wireless Follow Focus, Teradeks, Monitors, Camera Van, etc.

Features / Episodic Commercials Sports Corporate / Live

Tanner Stauss

Tanner Stauss
7312 E. Ed Rice Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85208
310-717-9533 Business

Skilled and competent 1st AC with 14 years of experience. Creative problem solver, great team player and fluent in managing efficient workflows on fast-paced, modern sets. Recent work: Under Armour, Ford, Lexus, Coors Light and Incubus to name a few. Proficient with most major camera and wireless systems. Happy to 2nd AC. Passport ready.

Features / Episodic Commercials

Kayla Windsor

Kayla Windsor
Phoenix Area
Phoenix, AZ 85201
480-202-7457 Business

I have experience with all modern digital camera systems. Camera assisted for National Geographic, Coca-Cola, local and national commercials, music videos, feature films, live events, TV episodics, etc. Have worked as Camera Op, DP for 12 years. I speak pretty-fluent Spanish, graduated w/BA from NAU for film production & am willing to travel!

Features / Episodic Commercials

Eric Danescu

Eric Danescu
1210 S. Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281
810-964-6333 Business

Skilled First or Second AC. Experience with up-to-date camera systems. Passionate and adaptable to any production. Travel ready and fully vaccinated!

Features / Episodic Commercials Print / Stills Sports Corporate / Live

Paul Mwaura
Paul Mwaura
4993 S. Ithica St.
Chandler, AZ 85249
480-205-1641 Business

Well organized and detail-oriented 2nd AC with past experience as a Camera Intern and PA. Passionate about filmmaking and always learning to optimize my skills.

Features / Episodic Commercials Print / Stills Corporate / Live

Ryan Hart

Ryan Hart
1842 N. Laurel Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
702-379-3137 Business

Capable 1st AC. Happy to 2nd. 8 years in camera dept after PAing for years prior. Experience with Hydroflex, Russian arm, Tyler gyro and motion control among other specialty equipment. Comfortable working out of a backpack, on side of a mountain, hanging from ropes and in the elements. SCUBA certified. Valid passport. Lover of adventure. IATSE 600.

Features / Episodic Commercials

Dennis Scully
Dennis Scully
1927 E. Cactus Wren Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85020
602-768-8008 Business
602-768-8008 Cell
602-389-9881 Fax

1st AC. IATSE local 600 Camera assistant for film and Digital Cinema. experienced focus puller. Proficient in Arri, Panavision, RED, Panasonic, Phantom systems as well as Sony, Nikon, Canon. Digital Data Fluent. Many years in commercials and Feature films IMDB or credits upon request. Gear owner; Preston FIZ, Teradeks Monitors, Camera Van, etc

Features / Episodic Commercials

Flying Fists Media, LLC

Jaron Padello
2077 W. Hidalgo Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85041
520-227-6507 Business

A tech who's ready to work! I happily contribute as an assistant cameraman and DIT with experience in documentary|reality| film|commercial. Furthermore, I have live production experience as a video engineer (15+ years) and camera operator. Let's make a successful project!

Features / Episodic Commercials Print / Stills Theater Corporate / Live

Leo Reyes
Leo Reyes
4335 W. Carol Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85302
602-410-4532 Business
602-410-4532 Cell
623-547-6766 Fax

20+ years production experience in Arizona. Commercials, features, corporate. DIT services also available. All camera formats. Fluent in English & Spanish. Valid passport.

Features / Episodic Commercials