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Jeff Becker
3902 E. Broadway Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85040
602-286-6800 Business
602-286-0080 Fax

Arizona's largest rental house. From tapes and gel to tables, chairs, coolers, pop ups, and walkies, we are the only supplier in state with a complete line of expendables and production supplies. Don't forget our production trucks, production motohome, and cargo vans. Your one stop shop for all your equipment needs.

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Holt Hamilton Films
Travis Hamilton
503 N. Temple St.
Mesa, AZ 85203
602-769-7681 Business

Walkies (CP-200/d), pop-ups, chairs, tables, coolers, first aid kits, floor mats, trash cans, cones, craft service equipment and more! We've built it with the independent filmmaker in mind. Ready to mobilize for battle in minutes! 12' Cargo Trailer also available.

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Jenna Dyer
1249 W. Cove Dr.
Gilbert, AZ 85233
480-322-1621 Business
480-322-1621 Cell

EWP's production supply trailer includes ez ups, tables, trash cans, chairs, wardrobe racks, steamers, floor mats, coolers, heaters, and more! Hassle free drop off and pick up.

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