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Michael Sly
Michael Sly
2017 N. Richland St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006
602-500-1590 Business
602-500-1590 Cell

Triangle Jimmy Jib and Steadicam Owner/Operator. Director/dp, jib operator, steadicam operator, camera operator. Commercials, feature film, short films, conference/corporate events, live concerts, music videos, sports, reality tv, game shows, documentary, live broadcast/multi cam. Often described as one of the most versatile assets on set.

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In-Motion Pictures
Robert Pflumm
7822 N. 8th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85020
602-826-8275 Business
602-826-8275 Cell

Jimmy Jib Triangle owner/operator. Over 20 years of Jimmy Jib experience. The guy with the most flight time. Film remote focus, 3 axis remote head. Experience in film, high def. video, documentary, commercial, music video.

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The Human Jib, Inc.
Mike Brown
3219 E. Camelback Rd., #290
Phoenix, AZ 85018
818-797-5427 (24/7 on call) Business

* Largest Fleet of Jimmy Jibs in Arizona (6ft to 40ft) * Commercial * Music * Live Broadcast * Rentals & Labor * Stabilized Remote Heads * All-Terrain Vehicles & Dollies * 12/24-Volt Power for Remote Shoots * Serving the Film & Broadcast Industry Since 1997 * Union and Non-Union Operators Available. Local Owner/Op Mike Brown

Features / Episodic Commercials Sports Corporate / Live