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First Studio
Theresa Murray
631 N. First Ave., Ste. 101
Phoenix, AZ 85003
602-957-7760 Business

Historic First Studio, originally home to Arizona's first television studio, has been remodeled, has private offices to rent and is available for productions, still photography, and small events. Conveniently located downtown. Reasonably priced. Call for details!

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Loft 19 Studios, LLC
Floyd Bannister
21618 N. 9th Ave., Ste. A
Phoenix, AZ 85027
602-430-3566 Business
602-430-3566 Cell
623-434-5003 Fax

Loft 19 is a 15,000 sq. ft. production facility located in north Phoenix which includes two cycloramas and a 40 x 70 open shooting and set build studio. They feature lobby, loft lounges, conference, kitchen, dressing rooms and makeup stations, clothing prep and green rooms with wi-fi, surround sound and video and photo production gear.

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Cox Creative Studios
Peter Costello
Stella Blake
17602 N. Black Canyon Hwy.
Phoenix, AZ 85053
623-328-4778 Business
602-694-1459 Cell
602-547-8039 Fax

Studio A (43X34), & Studio B (23X28), all complete with Cyc, camera (4 HDC 1400),Teleprompter, grid lights and grip equipment. Control Room includes Monitor Wall, MVS 8000 Switcher, HDR, Chryon LEX2 Duet, Vyvx Digital Fiber Line, and GL2800 Audio Console. Separate Green Room, MU/Ward, Dressing room (shower) and Full Kitchen (cold).

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Pirate Grip and Electric
Jarrod Wilson
1818 Grand Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
602-451-9347 Business
602-451-9347 Cell

Downtown Phoenix, 4000+ square feet, 18ft ceilings, 100ft blackout curtains, 20x40 BG options, hydraulic lift, 1800Amps, 3 phase, AC/Heating, Drive in access. PIRATE G&E, PIRATE Booty Props, & Paula Roger’s Designer wardrobe & costumes next door. Production office, green room, Hair & make-up room, actor holding, & workshop.

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Arizona Studios
Kevin Mayer
Kevin Lee
4614 E. McDowell Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85008
602-275-9100 Business
602-703-1487 Cell

Full-service, production studio with a pre-lit 30.5 x 16 ft cycloramic white screen and 30 x 21.5 ft cycloramic green screen. Space includes a lounge, kitchen, hair and makeup room, green room, conference room, production space and grip equipment. Up front pricing with no hidden fees for A/C, Wi-Fi or electricity. Contact us for rates and packages!

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Octane Multimedia Studios
Angela Chase
Chris McLennan
9096 E. Bahia Dr., Ste. 103
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
480-780-0400 Business
424-333-6465 Cell

900 sq ft, climate-controlled Soundstage with green screen cyc, 24’ Pre-Lit LED Light Grid, acoustically treated and sound dampened, 14’ Roll Up Door for easy load in. Suitable for various uses including films, commercials, corporate, live streaming & more. Theatre/Screening room, conference room, podcast room, post services and crew also available.

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All Reel Men
Jeff Becker
3902 E. Broadway Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85040
602-286-6800 Business
602-286-0080 Fax

Come visit our state-of-the-art studio, featuring a 50’ x 60’ cyc, 24’ ceilings, heavy power, acoustically designed HVAC & sound isolation, and drive-in access. Part of Reel Men, Arizona's largest rental house with millions of dollars of gear at your fingertips including cameras, G&E and dollies. Hourly rates available. Prices & packages at

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