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Sheena Adams
Scottsdale, AZ
480-277-5938 Business

Seamstress / Tailor. Professional seamstress and tailor. I work with On-Camera, Commercial Print, Editorial, and Runway projects. Customize your wardrobe or receive production help from me, Sheena.

Features / Episodic Commercials Print / Stills Theater Sports Corporate / Live

Victoria Widener

Victoria Widener
512 W. Gardenia Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85021
602-882-8069 Business

Stitcher/tailor with 10+ years of professional experience. Experienced in concert builds & editorial prints altering couture garments while preserving quality. Retains a kit of materials needed for backstage/on-set demands. Adept in the fast paced environments of musical theater & opera costume shops. Skilled in beading and rhinestoning.

Commercials Print / Stills Theater Sports Corporate / Live