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news: 2013 Arizona Production Guide

February 1, 2013
Mass mailing of the 2013 issue of the Guide is scheduled to begin on February 21. Since the post office changed regulations for mailings in addition to raising postage at the end of January, we're just waiting on the mailing house to get confirmation from the post office of how we need to do the mailing this year. Members who were not at the Annual Meeting will receive their copies as part of the mass mailing.

Non-members who live in Arizona can pick up copies at designated distribution centers throughout the Valley. An updated list of distribution centers will be posted to this site by the end of February.

If you work in the film, television or theater industries and reside outside of Arizona, you may obtain a copy of the 2013 Guide by sending your name, company name (if applicable) and complete mailing address to: The Guide is free to all production professionals.