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news: APA "ON THE SET" Workshop - Saturday, June 13

May 20, 2015
Join the APA for our "ON THE SET" Workshop - Saturday, June 13, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Third in our series of monthly workshops, this is A MUST for Actors, New Crew Members, Small Independent Filmmakers & Agency types who want to show up with confidence, on your first day on a set! APA Professionals Larry Niemi, DGA, 1st Assistant Director, and Kim Pieper, IATSE 706, Make-Up & Wardrobe Expert, will tell you how to avoid rookie mistakes whether you're on a feature, commercial or two-man crew. We will show you how to get invited back! This will be a four-hour seminar from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, with LUNCH and a Q&A included. Topics we hope to cover include: - First contact with production, questions to ask. - Do I need to bring my own wardrobe? - Should I shave, get a manicure, how 'bout that tattoo? - Where do I park? What do I do with my purse & stuff? - Who do I report to? What if I'm running late? - I don't have a Make Up Artist, how do I do it myself? - Set Protocol, Is it cool to be on my iphone? - Crew Positions and Responsibilities, What's a Grip? - Who are those people in the tent? - Who do I talk to and who do I not disturb? - How to fill out paperwork. Yes there's lots: Contracts, Releases, Invoice or Timecard, SAG exhibit G, 1099, W-9, I-9, etc. - Walkie Talkie 101 - When can I leave? HOW DO I GET PAID? - For the Independent Filmmakers: Location Releases, Talent Releases, Do I need a permit? Working with police. Craft service. Wardrobe 101. Do it yourself make up? Arizona Virtual Studios is hosting this event and providing lunch! A state-of-the-art, full service, video production and editing facility, AVS offers large green screen, white screen and sound stage rentals. AVS has a passionate team of extremely talented, experienced and highly skilled professionals to make the impossible possible and take your production to the next level. APA Guest Speakers include: Kim Pieper, Wardrobe & Make-up Artist, is a member of IATSE 706. With 20+ yrs. of experience, she's seen her share of things gone wrong on the set of Feature Films, TV commercials, Televisions, print-commercial and fashion shoots. Kim will set your mind at ease and walk you through everything that happens before you get to set. She'll share with you things to know even if you're stuck with out make-up or wardrobe pros. Larry Niemi has been running Commercial sets for 22+ years, as a 1st Assistant Director and Member of the Directors Guild of America. He'll walk through everything that happens on the set. Larry's a Pro at making people look and feel professional. He also knows how to prevent on the set disasters! Whether you are working with a full crew or a 2-man team, THIS IS MUST HAVE, REAL WORLD INFORMATION! Everyone 18 yrs. of age and older is Welcome! APA MEMBERS GET IN FREE!! But please RSVP - Just select the APA Member FREE ticket at check out. If you're not a member yet and you join PRIOR to the workshop, it's like getting a discount off of your membership dues! The cost for non-members to attend is $20 IN ADVANCE; $30 at the door - CASH only. You must be 18 or older to attend. If you apply prior to the workshop AND purchase your ticket to the workshop, we'll credit the workshop fee to your dues if your application is approved.

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