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news: Call for Entries - 4th Annual Ladies Film Night Out

August 8, 2017
APA is excited to announce the return of our annual event celebrating female filmmakers in Arizona! This year's event will be held on Friday, November 17. 

If you or someone you know has a SHORT film or two in the can, or will by the end of August, please submit the work for consideration. You can submit as many different shorts as you want, as long as each submission meets the criteria outlined below: 

We've updated the Submission Criteria for this year:

The run time can be as short as you want, even just a trailer, but it cannot exceed 20 (twenty) minutes in length

At least one of the following key film positions should be female - Producer, Director, DP, Editor or Screenwriter, and their names must be listed in the credits

The short must be submitted by one of the women who worked on it

Please send the following information for EACH submission:

The NAME (title) of the Short

YOUR name AND contact info (email AND phone)

The name(s) of any other female filmmakers who participated and their positions

The RUN TIME of the Short 

A brief synopsis of 75 words or less.

The link to where the Short can be accessed online

If it's not online and you need to send a copy on disk, please call for instructions: 480-345-6464.

Please note that if your SHORT IS SELECTED, you will be asked to post a HIGH-RES version of it. Technical specifications will be given to those with Shorts chosen to be screened.

EARLY BIRD SUBMISSION DEADLINE - FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 2017 (no entry fee if submit by August 25)

FINAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE - FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 (possible entry fee; this has not yet been decided)

Send submission info and links to:

Help us showcase YOUR work! Submit Your Short(s) Today!