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news: Discounts on Rapid COVID-19 Testing

March 11, 2021

MedStar Now Provides COVID Rapid Testing - 

MedStar Solutions is proud to inform the production community that we are now able to perform COVID Rapid Testing. This COVID-19 Antigen test is a less invasive nose swab that is given at your location or pre-production at a location you request. The test gives results in less than 20-minutes. A phone APP is used for the test and the results and status will show up in the individual phone to show when going on set each day. The time frame can be set up from 3-7 days, per the production organizers request. This test or additional testing can be used to aid in travel by showing the APP results when boarding or eliminate quarantine. 

For our Arizona Production Association (APA) members and partners we are offering a 60% savings over most providers who give rapid testing. We are able to offer these tests to you and your referrals for only $45. Based on the quantity of tests needed there may be a modest location fee added. 

Most productions are now required to have their crew and actors tested before set production. Some producers or unions require testing every 3-4 days. This test, provided by MedStar Solutions, is quick and painless. The APP gives each person their results and MedStar can also compile a list of those who results as negative or positive to the producer or person overseeing the COVID compliance measures. 

MedStar Solutions has been one of the few medical organizations with certified compliance officers and medical screeners, in addition to our Set Medics. MedStar possess the required CLIA Waiver for specimen acquisitions and processing. We know this will be another valuable tool for the production community in helping move safely forward within the industry.

For more info or to schedule, call 800-633-3195.