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news: Films Selected for Ladies "Film" Night Out!

October 14, 2014
Pieces currently slated for screening (subject to change) include:

"The Objective" (a.k.a. "Wishful Thinking") - was created by the Phoenix Independent Filmmakers Group (PIFMG) for The Phoenix 48 Hour Film Project. Teams had to write, shoot and edit their films within two days using specific criteria revealed at the beginning of the event. In the drawing, "fantasy" was the genre assigned to PIFMG, with all teams having to use the character Art or Arlene Fuller, a backpack and the line, "Shhh, silence please!" Produced by Tamara McDaniel, directed by Lee Ann Cone and written by Joe Holt, Scott Walker and Terry Nolan, this film won "Audience Favorite" at the 2008 screening. Run Time 7:18.

"Torn" - Torn tells the story of a tortured woman who longs to escape the dark world of guilt after her estranged father dies. As surreal characters enter her world and turn it upside down, she wonders how she will find peace. She embarks on a journey and soon realizes she cannot save herself. Directed by Miguel Gonzalez. Written by and Starring Sadie Tysdal. Run Time 12:28.

"The Last Responders" - Death Investigator Theodore Davis' partner has recently died. As he sits at her memorial service, he and his new partner are called to a scene call. He spends the rest of the day training his rookie partner on how to deal with distraught family members, law enforcement, and how to properly document the deceased's lives. But there is one thing he cannot train - how to deal with the overwhelming suffocation of death, both personally and as an investigator. Starring James Ray. Producer/Director/Screenwriter Andrea M. Magwood. Edited by Emeric Palm. Produced by True Libra Films. Run Time 13:44.

"Kerry and Angie" - Arriving extremely late for a Christening, recently widowed and tells-it-like-she-sees-it Angie (Judith Eisenberg), is greeted by her sensible best friend Kerry (Cynthia Rube). Sitting in the back of the church, Kerry questions Angie about her whereabouts and her habits of one-night stands. Angie, never one to be politically correct, defends her actions, and completely disrupts the serene Christening with her inappropriate behavior and language. Directed by Amanda Melby. Run Time 11:44.

"The Sunshine Girls" - Written and Produced by Sally Ann Francis, Back Alley Sally Productions. Directed by Kevin R. Phipps. DP Steve Wargo. A short film done sitcom style about four elderly and feisty females forced to live in a retirement center after losing their husbands. They feel their lives are mundane until they realize friendship is everything. Run Time 10:00.

"Mayme Kratz / Stand Still" - Filmmakers Suzanne Johnson and Penelope Price will present a documentary from Odyssey Films, LLC. Mayme Kratz, an Arizona based artist, is a collector of biological odds and ends, materials harvested from frequently overlooked desert debris. Addressing her process of making art, the documentary presents how this artist's delving into the particular suggests a better understanding of the universal through an examination of light, color and form. Run Time 30:00. (This documentary has aired on PBS.)

Tickets are on sale for $15.00 per person, which includes the screenings and appetizers. The event starts at 6:30 pm at the FilmBar, 815 N. 2nd Street in downtown Phoenix. The event is open to those age 21 and over only. Seating is Limited. Tickets can be purchased at: