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news: Help the AFMC Get A Challenge Donation

July 9, 2014
What makes this even more exciting is that the AFMC board voted to extend this opportunity to anyone seeking general membership in AFMC through their joining fee. That means that if you join by July 31, 2014, 100% of the amount you pay will be matched dollar for dollar until we reach our goal.

Why are we doing this?

With our ongoing efforts toward film incentive legislation, this year's elections will bring a fundamental change in the makeup of the legislature. The timing is right for us, but only if we are positioned to take advantage of it! Already over 125 new names will be on the primary election ballot vying for seats in the house and senate. Twenty-eight incumbents will not run again. That means that with new faces in the legislature and with a new governor being elected, we will have a singular opportunity to make an impact.

To do this we are looking at new ways to tap financial resources that will help us get our message out. This quick fundraiser is just one. Reaching out to businesses and corporations is another, as well as building key alliances with industries such as hospitality, tourism, and the other sectors of the economy that benefit by robust filmmaking in Arizona.

Please consider making a contribution to AFMC, either by joining and becoming a member of our team or by making a separate donation. Remember, no matter the size of your gift – whether you join or make a donation only - every dollar will be doubled through July 31 until we reach our goal.

To become a General Member of AFMC, go to the AFMC General Membership application. To make a contribution only, by mail or on-line, go to the AFMC donation page. And ask your friends and family members to join with you. This challenge is open to everyone interested in helping to build a better future for film and media in Arizona.

We want to see the return of the industry back to Arizona. Join or Donate to the AFMC today!

NOTE: This article is being published as a courtesy at the request of the AFMC; it is not an APA document. Please direct any questions to the AFMC. For more information on the Arizona Film and Media Coalition, visit their website.