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news: SPOTLIGHT ON: Brianna Frisbey

February 18, 2022

* Primary production role/s: Assistant Director & Production Assistant

* What is your professional background (major job positions you've held and where)? I have worked extensively in the film industry in California, Arizona & New Mexico as an A.D and P.A and with a variety of productions, locations, and budgets.

* How and why did you start working in production?  As a child I became infatuated with the show "The X-Files," and thanks to Mulder & Scully I became a filmmaker. I put myself through film school and gravitated towards production, as I was getting to learn how to logistically build a film from the ground up. As a creative I'm an inspiring writer & director and this year launched my YouTube channel 'Excursion Now' where I make mini-documentaries on Arizona attractions. 

* What are some of the favorite projects you've worked on? I don't really have any favorites, from the big studio shows to the indie low budget I love them all and the camaraderie of working on set and making art together. 

* Why should people film in Arizona? The breathtaking landscapes, a four-season climate, and historic southwest atmosphere. I hope to see more filmmaking occur in this beautiful state. 

* How to contact Brianna:

YouTube: Excursion Now
Instagram: @studentofcinema
Phone: 310-903-2195

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