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news: SPOTLIGHT ON: Diane Aiello

June 8, 2022

Primary production role/s: Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist. 

What is your professional background (major job positions you've held and where)? I've been fortunate to work in the industry for more than 25 years. Everywhere from AZ, LA, NYC, and Seattle to international travel for commercial, print, lifestyle and fashion clients. 

How and why did you start working in production? During my second year of criminal justice studies, I got a job in a salon and within months I decided to trade college for beauty school. While working at the next salon I worked at I met a photographer who asked me to help on a shoot and I was hooked. I started working on my portfolio that week. Eventually, I landed an agent and was able to turn my side hustle into my day job. 

What are some of the favorite projects you've worked on? Some of my most memorable gigs as a new artist were an International campaign for Lucky Strike cigarettes when the crew almost got arrested for shooting without permits. Magazine covers with Antonio Banderas (where he taught me the salsa) and the late, qreat Muhammad Ali. Also, fashion weeks in NYC, Paris and Milan, along with commercials with legendary athletes like Wayne Gretzky, and Magic Johnson - yes, I needed a step ladder that day! Honestly, being on set is my happy place and I'm grateful for every booking. 

Why should people film in Arizona? The beauty of AZ locations is unmatched. The weather and quality of light for most of the year is like no other. The pool of talent is vast... you won't find more hard-working, talented professionals anywhere. 

Reach Diane at 602-882-5663 or or visit her website: 

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