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news: SPOTLIGHT ON: Dominica De Leon

August 18, 2021

* Primary production role/s:
I would like to start as a production assistant and work my way into an area that would fit me. As of right now I have no experience, However I am in college and will be graduating next spring with my associate degree. I do enjoy learning new things and am an extremely positive person. I also like working with others and can work alone when needed.

* What is your professional background (major job positions you've held and where)?

I have worked at the Phoenix Zoo for a couple of months for a seasonal position. After that I worked for a Guardian pharmacy for 5 years going from an assistant to a tech and for going on 2 years now, I am currently working as a part time driver. I worked at Home Depot as a Cashier and I also worked at Chewy's as a multipicker.

* How and why did you start working in production?

I have not had any chances to work in production yet, but I do believe it will be a good experience and learning experience on how things work when creating these master pieces to share with the world.

* What are some of the favorite projects you've worked on?

I have not worked on any actual projects, but when I was attending AI some of my classmates and I recreated a small piece of the breakfast club and turned it into a somewhat comedy. I played one of the characters for the shoot however, I do not have the footage of this one-day class project.

* Why should people film in Arizona?

I think Arizona has many places that can be used for filming being in the city or out in open lands, mountains, lakes or the woods. We have a lot of beautiful areas that no one really uses for filming because Arizona is not the one place people think about when making a movie, commercial or music video. I would love to see Arizona turn into an area where people film more.

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