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news: SPOTLIGHT ON: Kristina Baskett

May 10, 2022

Primary production role/s:  Stunt performer 

What is your professional background (major job positions you've held and where)? 
NCAA Champion in gymnastics, Cirque Du Soleil acrobat, 12 years as a stunt performer. 

How and why did you start working in production? 
My background in gymnastics and Cirque Du Soleil brought me opportunities to become a stunt double, and from there I fell in love with the film industry and being part of the creative process.

What are some of the favorite projects you've worked on? "Game of Thrones," seasons 6-8; "Stargirl," seasons 1-3

Why should people film in Arizona?
I feel like the people of Arizona have so much to offer the film community!

Want to see her moves? Watch her stunt reel!

How to contact Kristina:
Phone: 206-852-5841

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