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news: Synopses for Shorts Selected for Ladies Film Night Out

November 12, 2015
“Deflated” by Judith Eisenberg - Deflated” is a quirky, character-driven comedy about a middle-aged woman's well-intentioned but misguided journey through the heartbreak of her husband's erectile dysfunction. The film is a slice of life exploration of the inevitable messiness, sorrow, and joy of sex - whether you are a teenager just entering the arena or a middle-aged married couple trying hard to stay in the game (pun intended).  

“Our Last Summer,” by Christina Sbraccia - Katrina must come to terms with her feelings for childhood friend, Zeke, after finding out he's been accepted to his dream school on the other side of the country, as well as dealing with the deteriorating relationship with her mother.

“We Probably Still Do,” by Bethany Brown - is a reflection on the evolution of a relationship, the multiple meanings of the word “love,” and the realization that “worthwhile” is not necessarily synonymous with “forever.”

“What Actually Happens,” by Sandy Kim - The film “What Actually Happens” attempts to take a lighthearted look at the difference in perception between men and women about what actually happens after a bad break up. 

“Salvaged,” Ali Bastek - Teenaged Lucy is less than thrilled with her new job. She’s spending the day surrounded by weird, useless junk. With help from her patient boss Lucy begins to see things from a different perspective.

The Red Shoes," Lindsay Bane - Karen, a young orphan with a wild imagination, behaves well in her foster home until she discovers a pair of red dancing shoes and is unable to resist. This short brings new meaning to the Hans C. Andersen fairy tale, reflecting on the unusual beauty that comes from leading with the heart. It is a narrative experiment, as well as an exploration into a live-action/animation world of texture and dream.  

“Prickles,” Lindsay Bane - part fever dream & part modern day fairytale, “Prickles” tells the story of a subversive girlfriend who discovers her own aggressive nature when her prankster boyfriend pushes too far. The story combines drama, absurdity, horror, music and animation, all to deliver a comic punch of female empowerment. 

“Eyes Upon Waking,” Jennifer Scott - Taren Foley survives her second suicide attempt within a week, and is sent from the ER to a psychiatric facility for three days of observation and analysis. Quickly realizing she has no intention of taking her life in the future, Taren alienates herself from the patients and staff, biding her time until she can be released. When circumstances force her to remain locked up all weekend, a compassionate Taren makes an effort to help her fellow patients with their issues, unaware she still neglects her own. By the time she is released on Monday, Taren has yet to feel better about her life, but there is hope that one day, she might.

“Jane Doe,” Jane Fendelman - Jane Doe is the extremely raw, intimate, uplifting and awe-inspiring story of one woman’s odyssey through cancer.  "I forgot I had wings on my back. Everyone does. This is the story of the healing of a broken heart… my heart… everyone's heart."

“Self Diagnosis,” Cae Collmar - NANCY is on a quest to fight an illness responsible for turning her life up-side-down.  The journey is filled with ridiculous misdiagnoses, scary side affects from medication and a surprising inner strength to find the truth.

“10 Minutes,” Arlene Newman - A lawyer tries to get a confession out of an incarcerated serial killer before the inmate is executed in “10 Minutes.”

"This is Who I Am," Anna Harrison Griessel - A short interview with Bob Heslip of the Venice Beach Freak Show on appearance and acceptance.

"Men," Anna Harrison Griessel - Exploring the deeper nature of the male brain.

Don't miss this great event on Thursday, November 19, at Filmbar Phoenix!

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