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news: To the APA, with Love

March 31, 2020

Hey there members and friends of the APA,

We wanted to drop you a quick note on behalf of the board and leadership of your Arizona Production Association. You may have noticed that in anticipation of us all needing (or being required) to keep our distance, we cancelled our next few upcoming public events both in the Phoenix market (various collaborative events for Phoenix Film Fest) and in Tucson (a much needed mixer). While disappointing, our concern remains the health and safety of you and your extended communities. We will determine when and where we can pick up programming and opportunities to gather in the future as the situation unfolds.

We know this note comes in the midst of a great many unknowns, and some you might find yourselves wrought with worry as productions and events are pushed back, or called off entirely. We understand, and can relate to the somewhat overwhelming forecast of impact this makes to our network and community - AZ local and countrywide - affected by these falling dominoes of rapid changes.

We're all in difficult and uncharted waters, but we know this - Arizonans are resilient. We are hardworking. We respect each other. We have beautiful landscapes and amazing sunshine. Our favorite plants are covered in spines. You can travel from the top of a mountainside with snow, to a desert valley in an hour's time. We are thirsty people, and it is unlawful to refuse a person a glass of water. We CHOOSE to live in a state that consistently reaches over 110, or 115 degrees each summer. If that doesn't make us all collectively tough as nails, I don't know what will! The optimist in me knows that we - as a statewide film and production community - should be ready, willing, and excited when the doors of production swing back open. How will you get ready?!

If you find yourselves with more time on your hands then you would like, I hope you are able to take advantage of this opportunity to embrace a creative project or writing effort you may not have tackled before. Maybe you can call and chat with a family member, friend, or colleague. Set up a friend group happy hour on Zoom, or FaceTime read a bedtime story to your niece. Drop a handwritten thank you note to those who have provided you the opportunity to work or partner together in this last year. Support a peer, establish a mentor, work through your business plan for growth opportunities, or practice with your new gear. Do whatever helps get you to the other side of this with a bit more peace of mind, and perhaps a new friend alongside you and sharpened skill set under your belt.

As always, the APA appreciates your support. Kindly remember that as a small non-profit, our membership is run heavily by our tiny, but mighty volunteer non-profit board, and funding is dependent on our members' participation. Our leadership, alongside Julie, our faithful den mother and part-time contractor, will do our very best to be responsive to any emails or calls as needed during this trying time, but please be patient and have grace if you note any delays.

If you're not already, we encourage you to GET SOCIAL with us, and follow the APA social media pages to stay up to date with info, and catch up on our member highlights! Do you have a picture or story to share with us? Put it up and Tag us, at #APAOnSet! This will help our network stay fresh, fun and relevant as live projects start to dwindle. Let's continue to come together as a community with enthusiastic encouragement of each other!

Be well, and please be safe out there. Our best to you, your work crews, and those you choose as family.

Social Distancing in Tucson,

Rachel Davidson
President, Arizona Production Association

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