About Us

The Arizona Production Association (APA) is NOT a Film Office. 

We're a non-profit, membership trade organization of Arizona production professionals. Our mission is to promote, encourage and advance the growth of the film, theatre and television industries within the State of Arizona and to improve the status and skills of our members. As the largest and most influential statewide group in our industry, our goal is to improve job opportunities for our members, and to engage in activities that will benefit them.  We do this in a variety of ways.

Arizona Production Guide

First published in 1987, our member-run production guide is constantly evolving to serve the needs of creative productions from around the world. The guide contains verified listings of production professionals, equipment vendors, production companies, post-production facilities, studios, support services, and other valuable resources. To be listed, each entry in our guide undergoes a thorough verification process where our team diligently contacts references provided by the candidates, carefully reviews 3-5 call sheets (depending on the category) to verify their experience and expertise, and verifies that the individual or company is domiciled in Arizona. While we take great pride in ensuring the highest quality and credibility in our listings, we encourage you to do your own due diligence to ensure that you hire the right person for the unique needs of your project. 

On the Arizona Set

Our newsletter keeps APA members and others informed about industry events and information statewide. Members are encouraged to submit articles, news and photos. The print version is published a couple of times each year and sent to members only; the electronic version goes out twice a month on average. Non-members may receive the e-news version on request.

Industry Events

The APA hosts membership and networking events throughout the year including meetings, meet ups with speakers and FREE Happy Hours. We also periodically offer both hands-on and virtual industry workshops and educational forums, as well as other special events.

APA Online

In addition to this site with the online Production Guide, current news, locations, events, and resources pages, the APA maintains a presence on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo and YouTube. Our members gain valuable exposure to the industry and search engines through these channels. 

Member Discounts

APA Members receive discounts year-round on various goods and services such as car rentals and dental insurance. Seasonal discounts are also offered throughout the year as they become available, such as discounts for film festivals and production services. Members receive free or discounted admission to all APA-sponsored events.

Legislative Efforts

Our affiliation with the AFDMC (Arizona Film & Digital Media Coalition) helps us to represent our members' interests year-round through the AFMC's involvement with film offices and other industry groups throughout the state and its efforts to establish a viable motion picture tax incentive program in Arizona. The APA also maintains a collaborative working relationship with the Arizona Office of Film and Digital Media, as well as other local film offices.

Advertising Opportunities

While listings in the Guide are only open to Members, Banner advertising may be purchased on this site by both Members and Non-Members.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteer organization can use your help in a number of ways, including organizing seminars and workshops, negotiating new member benefits, and supporting political and legal efforts that make Arizona a better place for production. If you're a production professional working in Arizona, join the APA today and help make Arizona a better place for film, theatre and television, while also promoting your skills and your company's services!

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