Why Shoot In Arizona?

Cast, Crew, Equipment, Studios - they're ALL Here

  • The Arizona Production Guide has over 500 verified listings of everything you need - use it to find the best Arizona talent & tech

Arizona Advantages

  • Immediate Savings: Film costs are significantly less than many other locations
  • Locations: Every type of outdoor location, plus fully equipped studios 
  • Shoot Sooner: We're just a short drive or flight away
  • Sun, Sun & More Sun: Over 300 days of sunshine each year & moderate temps


Special Renewal Offer

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COVID-19 Help

We know that the COVID-19 virus has had a profound impact on Arizona's production community. We are grateful to The City of Phoenix Film Office for providing some documents and links to resources you might not know about that may help individuals and small businesses in our industry. MORE

State Film Offices

The city of Phoenix Film Office is your ultimate resource for everything you need to film in Phoenix. Reach them at 602-262-4850, filmphx@phoenix.gov or on their website. Reach the Arizona Office of Film and Digital Media at 602-845-1200 / gofilmaz.com. Visit our Resources page for a complete list of AZ film offices.