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Verma Boyles, LLC
Otto D'Agnolo
5015 E. Cheyenne Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85044
602-292-3024 Business
602-292-3024 Cell

Verma Boyles, LLC represents the creative serves of platinum award winning music producer/engineer Otto D'Agnolo. Otto's 30+ years in pro audio have include work on films, videos, radio and TV and stand alone music projects.

Features / Episodic Commercials

Elizajul Music and Sound

Wayne Vlcan
833 W. Palms De Coco
Tucson, AZ 85704
602-620-2351 Business
602-620-2351 Cell

All areas of Post Production sound, including Music, SFX, Dialogue and Mixing. Tucson and Phoenix area.

Features / Episodic Commercials