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news: APA Updates Categories for 2014

June 12, 2014
Every year, the Directory Committee reviews the list of available categories for the Arizona Production Guide to determine what revisions are needed. The process began late last Fall for the current revisions, with input sought from members, then reviewed by both the Directory Committee and the Board of Directors. Numerous changes were made this year to streamline some of the sections, delete outdated categories and rename others.

For example, in Production Companies, the categories of Documentary, Film, High Definition and Video Production Companies were all combined into one new category called "Feature / Documentary."

In Production Personnel, the two separate camera operator categories, Film & Video, were combined into one category simply called "Camera Operators." The same change was made for the two Directory of Photography categories. The new category is simply called "Directors of Photography."

A total of 13 categories were discontinued that were not combined into other categories. Only one new category was added this year, "Aerial Services & Photography," which falls under the Equipment section of the Guide.

The new category names have been added to the online production guide already. Old category names and discontinued categories are being phased out as existing members renew, with the goal being to have a completely updated list online by the Fall following the bulk of member renewals. This will ensure that only members who renew are moved into any new categories, and that no one is placed in a category that they don't want to be in.

For a one-page glance with all of the changes highlighted, download the Summary of Category Changes for 2014.