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news: SPOTLIGHT ON: Carlos DaSilva Chavez

April 22, 2021

* Primary production role/s: Bilingual Producer, Director

* How and why did you start working in production?
 I always knew I wanted to be in some sort of motion arts, at age 19, in 2002 I got my big break working as an associate agency producer helping create commercials for McDonalds among others. Later, I got to live and experience Hollywood for 2 years and 5 years in Vegas as well before returning to AZ. 

* What are some of the favorite projects you've worked on?
 There are far too many to mention, it's like choosing between your kids.

* Why should people film in Arizona?
 First and most important reason, crew and talent out here are superb!. We all work hard and deliver results. Secondly, Arizona has the #1 light source needed all year round, the sun. Third, we have a vast amount of locations that can accommodate practically any scenario needed... even mars! (Sedona red rocks)

More Info:

Carlos D. Chavez - Producer, Director & Editor (

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