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news: SPOTLIGHT ON - Saunders Staley of Flying Robot

March 23, 2021

* Primary production role/s:  Aerial and Ground Cinematographer/Photographer; Part 107 Remote Pilot; Camera Operator; Director of Photography  

* What is your professional background (major job positions you've held and where)?
Graduated from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California and Drone Pro Academy - Owner/Operator of Flying Robot. Credits include: Nat Geo - Cam Op/Drone Pilot, Discovery - Cam Op/Drone Pilot, The Evil Good Documentary - Cam Op/Drone Pilot; Spotify - Cam Op/Drone Pilot; Westgate Entertainment District - DP/Cam Op/Drone Pilot; Sony Entertainment - Cam Op/Drone Pilot

* How and why did you start working in production?

I always have had a passion for cinematography and photography before and after film school. I worked side hustle photography and film production jobs while holding a corporate position for years and then finally dove all in establishing Flying Robot in 2015.

* What are some of the favorite projects you've worked on?

I think Discovery Channel was one of the most exciting and intense jobs. We were shooting for a show called Border Live and I had to wear body armor, with an armed security detail, filming a majority of shots right at the border.

* Why should people film in Arizona?

I see so many productions import talent from LA when we have so many talented people in the industry they can hire in state. We also have some of the most diverse landscapes in the country with endless backdrop opportunities. All around we should be one of the go to states right alongside California, Georgia and New Mexico pulling in an extensive amount of production work, we have everything here.

More info:
Insta : @FRaerials
FB : @FRaerials
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