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news: SPOTLIGHT ON - Whit Johnson of HighGround Images

March 9, 2021

Q: Primary production role/s? A: Drone Operator 

Q: What is your professional background (major job positions you've held and where)? A: 30-year retired Air Traffic Controller, CBS Affiliate stringer in Northern Michigan shooting 16mm (at 15 years old).

Q: How and why did you start working in production? A: Early days: Dad had a Bolex. These days: The convergence of technology, aviation, and filmmaking was irresistible to me.

Q: What are some of the favorite projects you've worked on? A: Lexus of Canada shoot with Les Stroud in 118° heat. On the Apache Trail and Gila Bend. "Antigone at the Border" with Tucson's Borderlands Theater - Shooting outside Ajo.

Q: Why should people film in Arizona? A: For our amazing climate and crews of course!

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